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How Classic Bingo works?

You choose the number of the balls you need for the game you want to play. This will be 1-75 for bingo and 1-90 for keno .The colored balls will be thrown into the illuminated inner tray. Then you switch on the blower motor and the balls will start to dance. One by one they will shoot up through the transparent pipe. On both sides of each ball the number is printed. You take the ball out of the opening and read the number aloud. Then you put it in its own numbered place on the top tray, before you will have finished, the next ball will already be at the opening. Once the game is finished, you pop all balls back into the inner tray with one simple movement of the hand, and you’re ready to play the next round.


Opening with spring, the balls cannot be thrown out | Top tray with room for 90 colored balls | One easy step to reset game for next round | Illumination 40W | Easy moveable – weight approx. 30 kilos | Very strong motor using little power and maintenance (220-240V)Simple operation, easy to use, practically noiseless | All parts are on stock
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